Stage ENS-SSC@Etna : April 22 – May 1 2023

Interdisciplinary course around Mount Etna (Eastern Sicily)
Pierre Briole (, Anca Dan (
Semester 2, 3 ECTS

As a literature student, do you wonder about the origins of volcanic activity? As a scientist, do you want to know why humans have always been attracted by the mouths of Hell?

The ten days you will spend on the slopes of Mount Etna, accompanied by geoscientists, environmental scientists, archaeologists, historians, will expose you to the research in the field and to interdisciplinarity.

The course is organised with the Scuola Superiore di Catania in the framework of the partnership established in May 2022 between the ENS and the SSC. It will bring together ENS students and SSC students.

The course will be preceded by a series of introductory seminars during S2. The cost of the trip is covered in part by the ENS and in part by the student. The students will be accommodated in the SSC which also has a restaurant facility.

The course has a capacity of 10 participants. A one-page letter of motivation, together with a short CV, should be sent to the organisers.

Preliminary programme (version of December 13, 2022):

  • Saturday 22 April: Travel from Paris to Catania, welcome and accomodation at the SSC, walk in Catania
  • Sunday 23 April: Field trip on the south flank of Etna (Schiena dell’asino)
  • Monday 24 April: Visit of the archaeological site of Paliké (to be confirmed) and pre-etnean volcanism of the Iblean Mountains
  • Tuesday 25 April: Field trip on the slopes of Etna (programme to de defined)
  • Wednesday 26 April: Theme of the day: Architecture and art. Morning: visit of monuments in Catania. Afternoon: workshops at the SSC on the theme of the day
  • Thursday 27 April: Theme of the day: The water, a resource and a hazard. Morning: tour of the city to discover the city’s past and present water supply system, observations and questioning about hydrological hazards (heavy rainfall, tsunamis). Afternoon: workshops at the SSC on the theme of the day
  • Friday 28 April: Morning (to be confirmed): atmosphere, air quality, environmental pollution. Afternoon to be defined
  • Saturday 29 April: Visit of Syracuse (Ortigia, Archaeological museum) (to de defined)
  • Sunday 30 April: Visit of Megara Hyblaea (to be defined)
  • Monday 1 May: Travel from Catania to Paris