Numerical modelling of water resources

Disciplinary field: Interfaces
Level: M2
Credits: 3 ECTS

Teachers: Agnès Rivière, Nicolas Flipo (Mines)
Teaching type: Cours/TD/TP
Hourly volume: 30h

Evaluation: Contrôle continu (projets)

Keywords: Modélisation numérique, ressources en eau, changements globaux, hydrologie/hydrogéologie quantitatives
Prerequisites: No

The lecture starts with a remainder of the fundamentals of quantitative hydrology and hydrogeology. Then the lecture focuses on energy and contaminant transfer in hydrosystems. Finally, the study of anthropognenic effects over a large range of scales is developped.

The second part of the lecture consists in the study of real cases with numerical tools such as :

  • Frequency domain analysis of large data sets,
  • Physically-based modeling of hydrosystem
  • Transfer of energy and dissolve matter (pollutants, carbon and nutrients)
  • Inverse modeling, parameter identification
  • Usage of model for water resources management submitted to global changes