Rock, Fault and Earthquake Mechanics

Disciplinary field: Solid Earth
Level: M1 or M2
Credits: 3 ECTS

Teachers: Alexandre Schubnel, Pierre Dublanchet
Teaching type: Cours/TD
Hourly volume: 30 h

Evaluation: Examen écrit

Keywords: Mécanique, friction, porosité, fluide, sédiments, failles

The upper part of the earth’s crust is of particular interest to the geologist and the geophysicist confronted with problems having a direct impact on human activity and involving fluids and deformation (earthquakes and faults, reservoirs and storage). The module aims to address these issues with the appropriate concepts and tools. Two components will be presented in depth:

  1.  the compaction of porous rocks (development of fluid overpressure in a sedimentary layer, reservoirs, subsidence, storage).
  2.  rock fracturing, friction and earthquake mechanics