Planetology: interior, surface, atmosphere

Disciplinary field: Interfaces
Level: M1 or M2
Credits: 3 ECTS

Teachers: Benjamin Charnay (Observatoire de Paris), Martin Turbet (LMD-IPSL)
Teaching type: Cours/TD/TP
Hourly volume: 30h

Evaluation: Final exam

Keywords: Planétologie, atmosphères planétaires, intérieurs des planètes, théorie, méthodes d’observation et modélisation
Prerequisites: Bases en mécanique des fluides mais non nécessaires

The course of Planetology proposes to illustrate how each of the approaches of Geosciences finds its declension in the study of the planets of the solar system and their satellites, which the recent abundance of space missions has forced a transition from the status of astrophysical objects to that of complete geophysical systems. We will discuss the role of gravity (from orbitography to tides), energy transfers in planetary envelopes (from atmospheres to planetary interiors), the composition and dynamics of planetary atmospheres, the processes that have shaped the surfaces of planets and, more generally, the planets as a whole, from the atmosphere to their interior. We will base the courses and taught excercises on many qualitative images and principles, but we will try to propose as much as possible quantitative assessments based on the notions of fundamentals of Geosciences. The aim of the course is not so much to be exhaustive as to promote open-mindedness and the re-introduction in a broader context of the concepts tested in detail in the framework of the terrestrial environment.