Large geological complexes

Disciplinary field: Solid Earth
Level: M1 or M2
Credits: 3 ECTS

Teachers: Damien Huyghe (Mines), Manuel Pubelier (ENS), Jean-Louis Grimaud (Mines), Christine Franke (Mines), Caroline Mehl (Mines), Nicolas Chamot-Rooke (ENS), Matthias Delecluse (ENS), Alexis Rigot (ENS)
Teaching type: Cours/TD/TP
Hourly volume: 30 h

Evaluation: Examen écrit sur table

Prerequisites: None

Orogenic domains record strong interaction between tectonics and earth surface processes. The competition between these parameters controls the timing and the way in which mountain ranges and their foreland basins evolve. The aim of the unit “grands ensembles geologiques” is to develop these questions in the case of collisional domains, since the pre-orogenic state to the post-orogenic one, through the example of the Pyrenees. Thus, the purpose of this unit is to overview various approaches allowing the study of mountain ranges to understand how it is possible to reconstruct their architecture and their evolution through time and space of a tectonic, sedimentologic, paleogeographic, geomorphologic or paleotopographic points of views.