IMAGE: Introduction to analogue geomodeling

Disciplinary field: Interfaces
Level: M1 or M2
Credits: 3 ECTS

Teachers: J.-A. Olive, Gianluca Gerardi, Florence Habets (ENS)
Teaching type: TP
Hourly volume: PSL week

Evaluation: Projet

Keywords: Modélisation – Géodynamique – Hydrogéologie – Océan – Atmosphère
Prerequisites: None

This short course, offered mid-semester during the PSL week, introduces students to analogue geoscientific modeling. Students will work in groups to design and construct an experiment or model that captures the essential physics of a complex geological, atmospheric or oceanic process at the laboratory scale. Their work will be evaluated based on the rigor of their approach and their analysis of their own results. Possible topics include the impact of rotation on geophysical flows (in a rotating tank), the propagation of magma-filled cracks in a gelatin-type analogue material, or porous flow experiments.