Mayotte seismo-volcanic crisis

The Laboratory of Geology of Ecole Normale Supérieure (Unité Mixte de Recherche UMR CNRS-ENS-PSL 8538) is analyzing the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) data acquired around the island of Mayotte where a seismo-volcanic crisis started in May 2018.

 Location of the main events recorded since the beginning of the crisis

Informations on the on-going crisis can be found at:

• BRGM – Informations released to the public

• IPGP – Page on the Mayotte crisis

• EMSC (Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center) – Page on the Mayotte crisis

CTBTO (in the morning of November 11 the broadband seismic stations worldwide observed an exceptional tremor coming from the region of Mayotte, this event last around 20 mn and the tremor period is remarkably stable at around 16s)

The analysis of the GNSS data is performed in a coordinated manner with the IGN (Service de la Géodésie et du Nivellement SGN), its partners operating GNSS stations in the island of Mayotte (CNES, TERIALEL@), the BRGM(and its antenna of Mayotte), and the various UMR of CNRS/INSU involved in  the observation and deciphering of this crisis for research, education and operational purposes.

 Horizontal and vertical displacements at GAMO, KAWE, MAYG and BRDL from June to mid-october 2018 (IGN-SGN-RGP solution)

Notes on the analysis of the GNSS data

  • Note n°1: 19 october 2018
  • Note n°2: 30 october 2018
  • Note n°3: 12 november 2018
  • Note n°4: 26 november 2018

Informations on the GNSS stations (from north to south in Mayotte):

  • GAMO (TERIA) – M’Tsangamouji
  • MTSA (Lél@sarl) –
  • KAWE (Lél@sarl) – Kawéni
  • MAYG (CNES) – Dzaoudzi
  • PORO (Lél@sarl) –
  • BDRL (TERIA) – Bandrélé

Access to the GNSS data on the Réseau GNSS Permanent (RGP) repository

GNSS time series


Tide gauge SONEL of Dzaoudzi (in colocation with the GNSS station MAYG)

Gravity data: archive gravity profiles off-shore to be investigated

Informations in the media