Stage ENS@Etna 2022

Why ENS@Etna?

Since 2011, the Geosciences Department is organising, at the beginning of July, for its students finishing their first year at the ENS (Licence 3), an training course to discover Mount Etna and the Catania region in Sicily.

From 2017 onwards, this training course has become accessible to students from other departments of the ENS, and the historical and archaeological component of the course has been increased.

Schedule of the 2022 course

  • Tuesday June 28: arrival of Pierre Briole and Simon Bufféral
  • Wednesday June 29 to Sunday July 3: preparation at Catania and Nicolosi
  • Monday July 4: arrival of Anca Dan
  • Tuesday July 5 (D1): arrival of the students at 07:40 at the railway station of Catania. Luggages dropped at the INGV. Morning: the archaeological area of Catania (theatre, odeon), the Benedictine monastery of San Nicolo l’Arena; afternoon: seminar at the University of Catania, departement of Geology
  • Wednesday July 6 (D2): Geology and botanics in the Serra la Nave area
  • Thursday July 7 (D3): the active faults of the southeast flank of Etna (from Nicolosi to Aci Trezza, and from Aci Trezza to Giarre)
  • Friday July 8 (D4): discovery of the 1669 lava flow from Nicolosi to Mascalucia: the nesting of humanity and lava
  • Saturday July 9 (D5): the sicilian coast between catania and syracuse: environmental impact of the petrochemical industries in the Augusta area, archaeological sites of Tapsos and Megara Hyblaea
  • Sunday July 10 (D6): sunrise on the schiena dell’asino, ascent of the ridge over the valle del Bove to the Cisternazza area (altitude 2700m)
  • Monday July 11 (D7): student projects (six to eight groups of three students)
  • Tuesday July 12 (D8): excursion to the Grotta del Gelo on the north flank of Etna (departure from Piano Provenzana / Monte Pizzillo ; arrival at Grotta dei Lamponi)
  • Wednesday July 13 (D9): student projects (six to eight group of three students), continued
  • Thursday July 14 (D10): morning: visit of the premises of the Etna park at Nicolosi, then conclusions of the student projects, afternoon: scientific session at the B&B Nicolosi and conclusion of the course; departure of 18 students
  • Friday July 15: departure of 7 students
  • Saturday July 16: departure of Pierre Briole


  • Pierre Briole, CNRS, ENS-PSL Geosciences (responsible – geosciences)
  • Anca Dan, CNRS, ENS-PSL Sciences de l’Antiquité (responsible – archaeology)
  • Simon Bufféral, PhD candidate
  • Lucile Costes, master student
  • Arthur Enguehard, PhD candidate
  • Nolwen Venisse, master student

  • Baptiste Ainesi
  • Léna Andrzejewski
  • Emma Bierlaire
  • Ulysse Chabroux
  • Stan Danis
  • Mathis Darnault
  • Emile Denise – leaves on July 15
  • Emma Doury
  • Zoé Dubois
  • Clarisse Dufaux – leaves on July 15
  • Yanis Hemaray – leaves on July 15
  • Julien Jehl
  • Angélique Marck
  • Arlen Parmentier
  • Leila Petit – leaves of July 15
  • Anton Planchot – leaves on July 15
  • Romane Rizet
  • Maïlys Roux
  • Ariane Sedel
  • Laura Soueidan – leaves on July 15
  • Valentin Brochet (department of Biology)
  • Clarisse Gruyters (department of social sciences)
  • Louise Nassor (departement of Biology, medical sciences)
  • Marvin Ozturk-Bazin (department of history of arts)
  • Alexandra Senina (départment of history) – leaves on July 15