Main lecturers

Marc Bocquet/École des Ponts ParisTech – Victor Brovkin/MPI for Meteorology, Hamburg – Peng Chen/Texas University, Austin – Hendrik A. Dijkstra/IMAU, Utrecht – Thomas Dubos/Ecole Polytechnique, Paris – Michael Ghil/ENS, Paris – Alexis Hannart/ Ouranos, Montréal – Hervé Le Treut/IPSL, Paris – Maria Nikolaidi/Univ. of Greenwich, UK

Topics of the Summer School

  • Physical bases of climate and its variability
  • Mathematical methods in climate and geophysical fluid dynamics, including dynamical systems, numerical methods, and their climate applications
  • Big data, data assimilation, and uncertainty quantification
  • Coupled climate–ecology–economy modeling
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Scientific scope

This summer school will be part of the Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP) trimester “The Mathematics of Climate and the Environment”; the trimester aims to explore …. more


Mastering the science of climate and the environment is playing an increasing role in contemporary societies’ endeavors to maintain and increase their well-being …. more

Scientific committee

Michael Ghil (ENS, Paris, co-chair), Hervé Le Treut (IPSL, Paris, co-chair), Mickaël D. Chekroun (UCLA), Anne-Laure Dalibard (JLL, Sorbonne Université), Patrice Klein (Caltech), Valerio Lucarini (U. Reading), and Sabrina Speich (ENS, Paris).

Call for papers

Young participants (PhD students and post-docs) will be given the possibility to present their work in the form of posters. A poster session will take place during the Colloquium.

Authors are invited to submit a one-page abstract to


The official language of the summer school is English.

Venue of the School

The venue is the Scientific Study Institute at Cargèse (IESC) in Corsica, France.

Web site:

Located on the east coast of beautiful Corsica – Easy international connections to Ajaccio, the capital of the island – Breathtaking landscapes in the mountainous interior and along the Mediterranean coast.


Rooms for up to 50 participants have been reserved at the Scientific Institute in Cargèse; double-room accommodation will be provided for the selected participants. Other accommodations are available in the village of Cargèse.

The Mathematics of Climate and the Environment

IHP, Paris, September 9 - December 21 2019

Cargese Summer School

Deadline for financial support: April 30, 2019

Registration : Please contact

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