The Mathematics of Climate and the Environment

Cargese Summer School 9 – 13 Sep

Deadline for financial support: April 30, 2019

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Main lecturers

Marc Bocquet, École des Ponts ParisTech

Victor Brovkin, MPI for Meteorology, Hamburg

Peng Chen, Texas University, Austin

Hendrik A. Dijkstra, IMAU, Utrecht

Thomas Dubos, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris

Michael Ghil, ENS, Paris

Alexis Hannart, Ouranos, Montréal

Hervé Le Treut, IPSL, Paris

Maria Nikolaidi, Univ. of Greenwich, UK

Topics of the Summer School

 •  Physical bases of climate and its variability

 •  Mathematical methods in climate and geophysical fluid dynamics, including dynamical 

    systems, numerical methods, and their climate applications 

 •  Big data, data assimilation, and uncertainty quantification

 •  Coupled climate–ecology–economy modeling

Registration :

Please contact

Scientific committee

Michael Ghil (ENS, Paris, co-chair), Hervé Le Treut (IPSL, Paris, co-chair), Mickaël D. Chekroun (UCLA), Anne-Laure Dalibard (JLL, Sorbonne Université), Patrice Klein (Caltech), Valerio Lucarini (U. Reading), and Sabrina Speich (ENS, Paris)