The Mathematics of Climate and the Environment

IHP, Paris, September 9 - December 21 2019


07 October 2019 - 11 October 2019 

Workshop 1: Nonlinear and stochastic methods in climate and geophysical fluid dynamics

Scientific Committee

Valerio Lucarini (Chair), U. Reading, UK

Tamás Bódai, U. Reading, UK, and IBS Center for Climate Physics (ICCP) at Pusan National University, Busan, South Korea; Mickael Checkroun, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA; Anne-Laure Dalibard, Sorbonne Université, Paris, France


14 October 2019 - 16 October 2019 

Workshop 1a: Response Theory and Its Applications in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Scientific Committee,

Pls. see Viviane Baladi’s website, & link to it,

V. Baladi, W. Bahsoun, S. Galatolo, V. Lucarini


12 November 2019 - 15 November 2019 

Workshop 2: Big data, data assimilation, and uncertainty quantification

Scientific Committee

Alberto Carrassi, NERSC, Bergen, Norway and Marc Bocquet, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech (Co-Chairs), Marne-la-Vallée, France

Dan Crisan, Imperial College London, UK; Omar Ghattas, U. Texas, Austin, TX, USA; Georg Gottwald, U. Sydney, NSW, Australia; Stéphane Vannitsem, IRM, Brussels, Belgium


30 septembre - 4 octobre 2019.

Workshop 2a:  Climate Informatics (CI) workshop


02 December 2019 - 06 December 2019 

Workshop 3: Coupled climate-ecology-economy modeling and model hierarchies

Scientific Committee

Victor Brovkin, MPI for Meteorology, Hamburg, Germany, + 

Maria Nikolaidi, U. Greenwich, UK (CoChairs)