The Master Degree course in “Planet Sciences”

This course trains high-level scientists through an approach combining fundamental disciplines and different specialties of geosciences (geophysics, geology, atmospheric, ocean and climate sciences, biogeochemistry). This training is limited to around 20 students per promotion. The Master’s courses are taught in collaboration with MINES ParisTech, the Observatoire de Paris, EPHE and ESPCI Paris within the Paris Sciences Lettres environment.

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The courses benefit from the proximity of the two research laboratories of the Department of Geosciences. Each semester, the educational path of each student is carefully discussed and followed by a tutor chosen from among researchers from the Department of Geosciences. Field internships and experimental internships deepen the understanding of the phenomena and processes taught. In the second semester of the M1 Master, a research internship abroad gives an opening to international research.


Some of the students resulting from the training will pursue a doctoral thesis and then move on to a career in research and higher education. A growing number of students will seek careers in large companies, private or public.


The Department supports, during the 2nd and 3rd year, its students wishing to take the Agrégation (at the end of the M2), by offering them adapted courses.

Training through research

The scientific activity of the School and its research teams helps to make the education provided at the ENS a real training through research, regardless of the path that students then choose for their professional career. Teaching, introductory courses or research seminars are provided research professors who provide students with the benefit of the progress of their work and involve them in it.


The ENS values ​​the autonomy of its students through individual tutoring: any pupil or student develops their study program with the advice of their personal tutor (teacher-researcher or researcher from the department).


Teaching at ENS combines a deepening of the discipline chosen by the student with an opening up to other fields. The richness, diversity and organization of teaching, divided into 17 teaching and research scientific and literary departments, allow students to explore the boundaries of their discipline and develop an intellectual approach of openness towards other disciplines within the framework of the ENS Diploma (DENS).

The 2nd year intership abroad

During the second semester of the first year of the Master (M1), students from the Geosciences department are invited to do a 5-month research internship in a foreign laboratory.

Field internships

The Department attaches great importance to training through research with field internships, laboratory experiences and personal projects.

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