How to register to the Master Geosciences: Earth System Sciences

Made possible by a collaboration between the Ecole Normale Supérieure, MINES ParisTech, the Observatoire de Paris, the EPHE and the ESPCI Paris, this Master Geosciences « Sciences of the Earth and planets, environment » of the University PSL offers state-of-the-art training in the fields of Earth science, Meteorology, Oceanography, Climate science and Biogeoscience, as well as their applications for Environmental science both on Earth and in Space.

It hosts about 20 students, including ENS students. Enrollment in Master in 2021 will be open for the 1st year (M1) and 2nd year (M2) for university students who will be selected based on the provided application materials followed by an oral interview.

The course sets the foundation for the sciences of the planet and provides students with the disciplinary elements that will enable them to move towards top-level research in the specialization of their choice, or to areas of the future industry. It prepares students to tackle key themes such as climate change, the reduction of natural risks, sustainable natural resources and the energy transition.

The master is devoted to:

  • students holding a degree in Earth Sciences, Physics or Chemistry
  • students who have obtained 180 ECTS from a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent scientific course
  • students from PSL’s CPES, ENS Paris, MINES ParisTech, EPHE and ESPCI Paris or other engineering programs wishing to complete their training in the field of geosciences and environment.

Link to the brochure of the Master Geosciences, Earth and Planet Sciences, environment 

Admission criteria

Admission is a selective process in which we seek to identify students who are highly motivated by geoscience research professions and who are able to benefit from training at the highest level. We are particularly interested in students who wish to develop original and innovative professional projects in the field of geosciences.

Financial support

Some PhD Track grants are proposed by PSL. They cover the funding of 5-year study, from the master to the PhD. Caution, application deadline is fixed to february 7th!

Additionaly two types of financial support are offered by PSL’s Earth Sciences and Biodiversity Graduate Program. These are two housing grants, amounting to € 1,900, and a master’s grant amounting to € 10,000. These scholarships are offered to M1 and M2 students, and will be allocated as a priority during the 1st application session. Obtaining a scholarship in M1 does not automatically means it is obtained for the M2. These scholarships will be awarded on merits. To apply, the candidate must provide a letter explaining how obtaining a grant will allow the candidate to lead his.her project. This letter must also explicit the grants already obtained by the candidate, including grants based on social criteria.

Application for the PSL Geosciences Master

The selection procedure is done in two steps:

1. First step based on the application materials provided

Link to the admission webpage for the Master 1:

Link to the admission webpage for the Master2 :

The application materials must include:

  • A curriculum vitae
  • An application letter explaining the candidate’s motivation for undertaking the research and, if possible, describing a research experiment conducted.
  • Two letters of reference from teachers or researchers who followed the candidate’s academic performance in higher education and/or during a research internship are required. You will have to provide the name and contact information/
  • A copy of the candidate’s academic transcript or quarterly academic performance reports subsequent to the bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent
  • A copy of diplomas since the bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent
  • In case of an application to a financial support, a letter explaining how obtaining a grant will allow the candidate’s project to be carried out. This letter must also explicit the grants already obtained by the candidate, including grants based on social criteria.

2. Second stage of oral presentation and discussion

At the end of the 1st stage evaluations, the selected candidates are contacted for an interview. The objective of the oral examination is to determine the motivation and scientific abilities of the candidates.

Candidates from the L3 geosciences are not subject to this second stage.

This oral will include:

  • 15 minutes of oral presentation of the candidate on a research question of his/her choice, in connection with the themes of the formation of the department. This presentation could for example present a scientific problem, its context and its stakes, and present the latest theories or experimental results on this theme. The room in which the audition is held is equipped with a video projection system, allowing powerpoint presentations (or other).
  • 15 minutes of questions and discussion with the jury regarding the presentation and any other topic deemed appropriate by the jury to assess the candidate’s motivation and scientific abilities.

This oral could  be made with videoconference.

Schedule of the admission procedure for the year 2021-2022

To apply for the 1st (M1) or 2nd (M2) year of the master, there will be two admission phases in 2021.

  • 1st session :
    • Complete application file should be received from March 1st 2021, and no later than March 31st 2021.
    • Interviews with the selected candidates will occur between April 1st and April 23rd
  • 2nd session:
    • Complete application file should be received from April 23rd 2021, and no later than May 21st 2021
    • Interviews with the selected candidates will be between June 9 2020 and June 23 2021

For any question or for additional information, please send by email to: